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Discover your creative potential. Join San Jacinto College’s Arts, Humanities, Communications, and Design program. Whether you want to be a graphic designer or music producer, the possibilities are endless. Explore your artistic vision and develop your skills into a rewarding career.


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Two-year/associate degree to jump-start a career rather than move on to a university
Courses or two-year/associate degree that can apply toward a university degree
Fast-track award for entry-level work and credit toward a two-year/associate degree
Non-credit courses for career advancement or lifelong learning
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The San Jacinto Central Campus Art Gallery is integral to our learning environment and an important contributor to our dynamic campus culture. The gallery believes that art and artists are the impetus for reflection and transformation with a vision to impact our students, faculty, administration, staff and greater community.

The San Jacinto College South Campus Gallery is committed to promoting creativity, critical discourse, and collaboration through the arrangement of multidisciplinary exhibitions and educational programs. The gallery exists to serve the students, employees, and community partners of San Jacinto College with a focus on initiatives that fuel interdisciplinary conversations in an inclusive academic environment.

Cultivating Creativity

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Explore your creative side. Recognize your potential at San Jac.

From San Jac Student to Staff

Student at Graduation
As I started the program, I realized that graphic design and marketing were my passions. The instructors were encouraging and even urged me to apply for an internship with the College.”
Lauren Lowe
Art & Design AAS, 2021, Digital Media Coordinator, San Jacinto College
In 2018, Lauren Lowe embarked on her educational journey at San Jac. She enrolled in the art and design technical program at South Campus. The following year, she landed an internship with the College, which proved to be a game-changer. In no time, the internship blossomed into a full-time position that Lowe has held ever since. Thanks to her education and instructor’s support, she has been able to unlock new opportunities.

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