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At San Jac, you'll find over 200 degrees, certificates, and continuing education programs. You’ll get the chance to study underneath nationally-recognized faculty, receive hands-on learning in professional-style settings, and you’ll get the keys to where you want to go next. Which direction do you want to go?

More Ways to Learn

Tailor your classes to your learning style and schedule. Check out these classes and programs to see what works for you.
Continuing and Professional Development Student

Take the next step in your career or pick up a new hobby with one of our 50+ CPD courses. Earn professional development hours or take on the challenge of being a lifelong learner.

Online Distant Learning Student
Learn in your own environment on your schedule with our online learning programs. Explore our 60 fully online programs and find one that’s right for you.
Honors Program Graduate
Dive deeper into your studies by enrolling in our honors program. Find unique, innovative learning opportunities and gain hands-on experience. 

Dreams Become Reality

At San Jac, a degree is a stepping stone toward your dreams. And the connections you make here will stay with you long after your dreams become your reality.
Dr. Lonnie Howard
My version of the American Dream would never have become a reality without earning an associate degree from San Jac.”
Dr. Lonnie L. Howard
College President, Lamar Institute of Technology, Welding Technology, A.A.S. '93
From a resourceful first-generation college student at San Jac to president of a college, Dr. Howard worked hard to climb his own ladder of success. What does your ladder look like? Not sure? Our Student Success Center can help you figure that out.

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