This is what support looks like. It looks like one-on-one academic help. It looks like helping students who need healthcare, have tech questions, or aren’t sure how to find a job. At San Jac, we do all we can to help you thrive – in and out of the classroom.

Support for Your Future

Students Career Support Services

Ready for the workforce? Not sure where to start? Work with a career specialist to build your resume and interview skills, find a job, or explore career opportunities. We’ll connect you with employers and resources that match your interests and align with your career goals. Stop by and let us help you find your dream career.

Transfer Support
Want to continue your education? Ready to transfer your credits to a four-year university? Our transfer specialists will work with you to find the school that’s right for you. We’ll walk you through the entire process to make your transfer process seamless. Connect with us today! 
Students at Graduation
Ready to switch your status from student to alumni? Apply for graduation and walk the stage with your fellow San Jac graduates. Learn all about the celebration details and how to get to graduation.

This is What Support Looks Like

In the classroom. Out of the classroom. We offer assistance to help you thrive.