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Doing Business with San Jac

Our vendors help make San Jacinto College a thriving community and a leader in the educational space. If you’re looking to make a difference and grow your business, join the dozens of other vendors supporting our mission and vision!

About Contracts and Purchasing Services

In the Contracts and Purchasing Services department, we’re committed to providing value and customer satisfaction by procuring goods and services for the college. Our responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating approximately $150 million of annual purchase orders for construction, equipment, supplies, and services.
  • Helping departments obtain quotes, issue solicitations, and develop contracts.
  • Reviewing and maintaining compliance procedures for all business contracts.
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How To Place a Bid

The Ionwave e-bidding system is a one-stop-shop for vendors. From your dashboard, you can submit solicitation responses, stay up-to-date on your bids, and review your awards.
  1. Register in Ionwave

    Set up your free profile in Ionwave to find and submit solicitation requests. Be sure to keep all your information up to date.

  2. Find Solicitations and Submit Responses

    Keep an eye out for solicitations published as legal advertisements in the Daily Court Review. Or, search for solicitations on Ionwave, Electronic State Business Daily, or Onvia DemandStar. Then, submit responses to solicitations via the Ionwave system.

  3. Submit Invoices

    After the College issues a purchase order and the purchase is complete, submit itemized invoices that include a purchase order number, a copy of the bill of lading, and the freight waybill. Invoices should not include federal excise, state, or city sales tax. Send invoices to: Accounts.Payable@sjcd.edu or mail to Accounts Payable, 4620 Fairmont Parkway, Suite A2.213, Pasadena, TX 77504. You’ll receive your payment within 30 days.

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Important Forms

New Vendor Packet

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire

Frequently Asked Questions


Go to the Ionwave e-bidding and supplier management system to register your business. The system will automatically notify you about future bidding opportunities. Please note that food vendors are required to register in Ionwave.

 Yes. San Jacinto College is classified as a political subdivision and is exempt from paying Texas sales tax and Texas hotel occupancy tax.

Yes. State law requires contractors to provide a payment bond for public works contracts with a value of $25,000 or more. Performance bonds are required for public works contracts with a value of $100,000 or more.

While we encourage and welcome participation from all HUB vendors, we are not mandated to implement a formal HUB purchasing program as a community college.


No San Jacinto College employee may accept gifts or gratuities of any kind from vendors, as doing so can bring into question the college’s ethics.

 Co-op contracts allow the college and other public entities to purchase goods or services without having to issue solicitations or contracts. Utilizing co-op contracts complies with the competitive procurement requirement in Section 44.031 of the Texas Education Code and is permitted through Section 791.001(g) of the Texas Government Code. Use this list to find currently active purchase cooperatives.


Vendors are expected to have workers’ compensation, general liability, and vehicle liability insurance. The type and amount of insurance required depends on the goods or services provided and will be specified in the solicitation.



Contact us

General Purchasing Inquiries:
Phone: 281-998-6117
Email: contracts.purchasing@sjcd.edu 

Buyer Team:

Genevieve Freeman-Scholes, CPPB
Facilities Buyer
Phone: 281-998-6349
Email: genevieve.scholes@sjcd.edu 
Commodities: Construction, Facilities, Maintenance Services

Karen Allen
Senior Buyer
Phone: 281-998-6106
Email: karen.allen@sjcd.edu 
Commodities:  Audit Services, Information Technology Services and Consulting, Insurance, Banking, Legal Services

Farrah Khalil
Phone: 281-998-6326
Email: farrah.khalil@sjcd.edu 
Commodities: Bookstore, Educational Training, Food, Medical, Science, Temporary Staffing, Professional Services

Melissa Fuqua 
Phone: 281-998-6378
Email: melissa.fuqua@sjcd.edu  
Commodities: Advertising, Automotive, Childcare, Police, Safety, Travel, Technical Education  

Kimberly Adams
Phone: 281-991-2614
Email: Kimberly.Adams@sjcd.edu 
Commodities: Athletics, Office Supplies, Library, Furniture, Maintenance Equipment, Printing, Moving Services, Entertainment, Clothing, Promotional Items


Additional members of Contracts and Purchasing Services can be found in the Employee Directory.