San Jacinto College Students

Facts and Figures

San Jacinto College is a data-informed institution. That means we rely on data to evaluate how well we are helping you to achieve your goals. We use that information to improve our courses and services. The data we use include enrollment numbers to course success and completion to graduation rates. Explore our data to learn more about student success at San Jac.


San Jac By the Numbers

From our graduation rate to our student demographics, find out more about our college with these facts and figures.

Measuring Success

We measure success in many ways across the entire student experience at SJC. Our success measures include enrollment, course success and completion, and graduation rates. Tracking success measures helps us identify what we are doing right as well as areas for improvement.


Measuring Student Success Dashboard

Workforce Demographics

We are proud that our campus is home to many people from different backgrounds and with different ideas. Our student body is not the only group that represents this diversity. We believe that our multicultural team of faculty and staff is part of what makes us a top college.



A Holistic Approach to Success

Aspen Prize Finalist
San Jacinto College is always improving. The college has comprehensively restructured its systems to align everything to students’ success, from before they enroll until they complete a degree.”
Joshua Wyner
Executive Director, Aspen Institute College Excellence Program
The Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence has been awarded every two years since 2011.  We are proud that we have consistently been recognized by the Aspen Institute since 2017—though work remains to be done. We are determined to keep growing and improving so we can stay one of the top colleges in the nation.

Student Goals

In fall 2023, we counted 31,494 students across all five of our campuses. When asked what their goal was in attending San Jac, three categories stood out.
attending San Jac to earn an associate degree.
are attending to earn credits for transferring to a four-year institution.
are working toward a certificate.


Trend and Data Reports

These reports are to provide the San Jac community with useful statistical information. If there is any other information you would like to know about San Jac, please fill out a data request form

We use FTE to measure how much work a student is doing. It shows how many credit hours a student is taking compared to what  full-time enrollment is.

Fall Census Date FTE 
Spring Census Date FTE
Academic Year(AY) FTE 


Institutional Review Board

If you are working on a doctoral or master's degree or an in-depth study and would like permission to conduct your research study at San Jacinto College, please visit our Institutional Review Board (IRB) page for more information.