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Shoot hoops, score touchdowns, and get some exercise at a rec sports meet-up on Central Campus. It’s all about having fun and hanging out with friends — no athletic experience required!


The Spirit of Play

When San Jac students embrace the spirit of play, they commit to following the rules, cooperating with their fellow players, and having a good time together. Here are some guidelines to follow next time you hit the court or field.

All rec sports are open to men’s, women’s, or co-ed teams comprising full- or part-time students. To participate, all students must bring their San Jac Student ID and follow these regulations:

  • Students who have been on varsity or semi-professional leagues are ineligible to play rec sports.
  • If a student is excused from the regular physical education program, they will be ineligible to play rec sports.
  • Organization campus rec managers are responsible for all participants in their group.
  • Groups without enough members may combine with other groups to form a team.
  • Students may play on only one team at a time.
  • Teams are allowed to play without the minimum number of players on their team.
  • The campus rec office will schedule all tournaments, which will be round robin-style. Teams must submit tournament scores to the campus rec office after games.
  • Teams should request game postponements at least one day before their game. The Director of the Campus Rec department will judge postponement requests.

Sport-specific rules:

At San Jac, we take safety and camaraderie seriously. That’s why any player who commits or attempts to commit one of the following acts of misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action by the campus rec office.

  1. A player hits or strikes an official or another player.
  2. A player threatens or verbally abuses an official or another player.
  3. A player does not vacate the area immediately after being ejected from a game.

Team captains, managers, and coaches are responsible for their players’ conduct.

You should feel empowered to raise concerns and make requests to the campus rec office. Follow these guidelines for making protests or forfeits:

  1. Students are only allowed to protest eligibility and rules, not official judgments.
  2. Students must make eligibility or rule protests during the game to the head official. Afterward, students should submit a written protest to the Campus Rec Director before 5 p.m. the next school day.
  3. If a team or contestant fails to be ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled game time, they will forfeit the game to their opponent. If neither team is ready, both will forfeit.
  4. If a team fields an ineligible player, they will forfeit the game.
  5. Forfeited games will not be rescheduled.
  6. If a team forfeits two games, they will be dropped from the league or tournament.

Ready to Join in?

Reach out to learn more about all the rec sports available at the Central Campus.
Scott Horstman
Professor, Phys Ed/Rec Sports
(281) 998-6150x1861
Kristen Redding
Professor, Phys Ed/Wellness
(281) 998-6150x1860