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Clery Act Security Report

The Clery Act is a law that requires San Jacinto College and other colleges that get financial aid from the government to report any crimes that happen on or around campus. Learn more about this federal mandate and how to identify San Jac’s campus security authority (CSA). 

Security Report

Our Annual Security Report (Clery Act Report)  is a vital resource for all community members, providing important information on campus safety policies, procedures, and crime statistics. We take our students and staff’s security seriously, and this report reflects our ongoing commitment to creating a safe and welcoming campus environment. 

By staying informed about campus security, you can help us create a safer environment for everyone. Check out our latest security report and our prior annual reports below!

6 Clery Act Rules 

San Jac follows certain guidelines about safety and crime reporting because of the Clery Act. Here are six rules we follow to help students stay safe and informed.
  1. Collect, classify, and publish crime reports and statistics related to crime.

  2. Issue timely warnings and campus alerts for Clery-reportable crimes that represent an ongoing threat to the safety of students or employees, or emergency notifications upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students or employees.

  3. Publish an annual security report containing safety and security-related policy statements and crime statistics and distribute it to all current students and employees.

  4. Submit crime statistics to the U.S. Department of Education each fall via a web-based data collection.

  5. Maintain a daily crime log of alleged criminal incidents that is open to public inspection.

  6. Disclose missing student notification procedures that pertain to students residing in on-campus student housing facilities.

csa Divisions

“Campus Security Authority” (CSA) is a Clery Act- specific term that includes groups of individuals and organizations associated with San Jacinto College. We encourage everyone to report on-campus criminal incidents to our San Jacinto College Police Department or a CSA. Here are some examples of CSAs you can find on our campus and at other colleges. 

Student Leadership

  • A student resident advisor or assistant
  • A student who monitors access to dorms or buildings that are owned by the recognized student organizations.
  • A faculty advisor to a student group
  • Members of a sexual assault response team (SART) or other sexual assault advocates 

Law Enforcement

Officers from local law enforcement who are contracted by the institution to provide campus safety-related services. All individuals who work for campus police or the security department are campus security authorities. 

Health Services

  • Physicians in a campus health center
  • Counselors, including peer counselors (except for professional or pastoral counselors)
  • Health educators, including peer health educators


  • A dean of students who oversees student housing, a student center or student extracurricular activities.
  • A director of athletics
  • A coordinator of Greek affairs
  • A Title IX coordinator
  • The director of a campus health or counseling center
  • A director of athletics

Report an Emergency 

Although CSAs are here to help you in your time of need, they do not have the same authority as our campus police officers. If you have an on-campus emergency, please contact our San Jac Police Department. 

San Jac Police Department

Campus phones: 5555 
Cell phones: 281-476-9128 
Hearing Impaired/Silent text messages: 713-469-1071